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Standing Water Breeds Mosquitos

With the spring rains, it is good to address the issue of standing water.
Most people think of “standing water” as wetland areas, swamps, and small stagnant ponds. Sis, you know those female mosquitoes can lay hundreds of eggs at a time in but much more water that it take to full a bottle cap? When rain is followed by a few days of sunshine or high humidity like most of our summer days those eggs can begin hatching in just 5-7 days. Our applicator always dumps out or treat any water they find while visiting a property. How ever if the problem areas aren’t addressed and more rain comes between our regularly scheduled visits, a spike in the mosquito population is inevitable!

What is “Standing Water?”

Any small amounts of water that puddle or collect after rain or with the use of irrigation systems and sprinklers is considered standing water and can be a major problem.

Especially Problematic Areas

Do You Have These In Your Yard?

Corrugated Down Spouts Extenders.

These are always a major problem. Every ripple holds water, especially if they are not angled properly. If they are absolutely necessary for drainage away fro the house, we always recommend covering the open end with a fine mesh screen and securing it with an elastic. Otherwise, Mosquitos will lay eggs inside and as they hatch, they’ll be flying right our to your entertaining spaces. We often find these beneath decks and by patios and pools, Where customers spend most of their time.

Old tires

Old tires leaning against the back of the garage or in the woods along the edge of the yard are the perfect mosquito breeding ground- shady and wet. They collect rain and are very difficult to completely empty of water. We also usually find these in areas that are hard to get to treat with larvacide.

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