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Mosquito Squad Flea Control

Like adult ticks, adult fleas are eliminated when we treat a property with our mosquito barrier treatment. In order to control the life cycle of the flea, we add a growth regulator to the barrier treatment spray. The growth regulator stops the life cycle of the flea so that they do not become adults. This process, done with every barrier treatment, across the season will keep the fleas off your pets and also keep them from being brought into your home.

Flea Problems

Fleas can latch onto your dogs and cause severe discomfort and itching. When left untreated, fleas quickly multiply and your pets can bring them into your home, where they can bite you and begin to infest the area. A flea infestation in your home or yard can be difficult to get under control once established, so flea prevention is key. Beyond irritation, fleas can also cause diseases in your pet such as:
" Tapeworms

" Anemia

" Dermatitis
These conditions can make your pet very ill and often requires veterinary treatment to get under control.
Flea Control Program

At Mosquito Squad of North Central Rhode Island, our flea control protection is an add-on to our mosquito and tick barrier treatment. This patented, EPA-registered treatment helps rid your yard of these pests by eliminating adult fleas and preventing flea eggs from hatching, ending their life cycle before they become a nuisance. Our flea protection program involves a 3 treatment series that will guarantee flea protection for the entire season. As an added bonus, our traditional solution will eliminate heartworm-carrying adult mosquitoes on-contact.

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Our staff is fully trained and offers a high level of experience in the treatment and prevention of pests. Not only will we find the best solution for your pest problems, but we also guarantee your satisfaction. Contact us today at (401) 441-5444 your free consultation. Help your pets begin to live flea and tick free today!

Mosquito Squad Fun Fact:
Did you know that, according to Petcare Rx, there are more than 2,000 species and subspecies of fleas?

Mosquito Squad Current Offers

15 weeks of protection for $429 1/2 acre or less

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